Why invest our savings in GVC Gaesco pension plans?

Advantages of investing in GVC Gaesco pension plans

  • The GVC Gaesco Group has long and successful experience in the management of Pension Funds and Investments.
  • GVC Gaesco is an independent entity. We are dedicated to management and investment advice. Our clients' interests are our interests, which is why we have no conflicts of interest.
  • GVC Gaesco Pension Funds are complementary and cover all risk profiles.
  • We provide discretionary management of vested rights, expediting transfers between Funds (24 hours for those GVC Gaesco Pension Funds with the same custodian) so that they can participate in managing the equity exposure to different risks/returns.
  • GVC Gaesco Pension Funds are managed actively and dynamically, and with a clear focus on quality and fundamental value.
  • Personalized attention and quality advice.

Investment Philosophy

Equity Management

  • Objective: To maximize profitability and beat the benchmarks.
  • Approach entirely essential.
  • Identification of companies of all market capitalizations which all maintain:
    • Clear specialization in their activities.
    • A good market positioning.
    • Strong shareholder control.
    • A manager with a long-term vocation team.
  • Interviews with managers of companies.
  • Fundamental assessment of the companies selected by computing their basic discount and monitoring the life cycle of this discount.
  • Maximizing the key-off of the portfolio at any given time, which is the main source of potential return of the portfolio.

Absolute Return Management

  • Double management objective:
    • Firstly, to limit the variability of net asset value in negative market environments.
    • Secondly, to maximize profitability.
  • Based on exploiting market inefficiencies, universally derived from behavioral finance.
  • Direct multistrategy.
  • Quantitative approach.
  • Compare inefficiencies for not less than 25 years and in very different environments, validating their market.
  • Efficiency optimization and implementation.

Mixed Income Management

  • Focus totally essential both for Equities and Fixed Income.
  • Each Fund has a range of Equity exposure.
  • Investing in equities is weighted by the fundamental discount. A normal distribution where the mean is the fundamental asset valuation is drawn, and the standard deviation expresses the variability of the valuation. The market price is shown on the curve. The probability that the asset is "cheap" is determined. Equity exposure is set according to this probability.
  • The selection of Fixed Income assets is the relationship between interest rates in the short, medium and long-term, with inflation rates as a base.
  • Other important criteria in Bonds are:
    • The rating and creditworthiness of the issuer (company, the state) and the issue.
    • The duration of each bond.
    • The average duration of the portfolio.

Fixed Income Management

  • Focus totally essential.
  • The selection of Fixed Income assets is the relationship between interest rates in the short, medium and long-term with current and forecast inflation rates.
  • Other criteria that we monitor are:
    • The nature of the Issuer (Public, Private, etc.)
    • The creditworthiness of the Issuer, their ability to cover the issue.
    • The Issuer Credit Rating and Issuance.
    • Adaptation of the profitability of their emission target risks.
    • The duration and maturity of each asset.
    • The liquidity of the issue.
    • The currency of the issue.
    • Type of instrument (zero coupon, floating, convertible, etc.)
    • The average duration of the portfolio.