Patrimonialista, P.P.

Investment Objective

Direct single-strategy Absolute Return Pension Plan.

The aim of the Fund is to protect and maximise its assets. The Fund uses proprietary management tools, developed entirely by GVC Gaesco Gestión, S.G.I.I.C.. These tools have been systematised and optimised over 18 years of backtesting (December 1988 to December 2006).

The Fund turns the momentum of equity markets to its advantage, investing more as markets become more bullish (High Sharpe Ratio), and divesting as they are downgraded, i.e., when the reward to volatility ratio is no longer attractive (Low Sharpe Ratio).

The Fund distributes investments into two categories: risk-free assets (Fixed Income ETFs and Monetary Market) and risk assets (Funds and Equity ETFs), depending on the prevailing situation in each market. The level of investment in each category is extremely wide-ranging (0% - 100%), giving the fund considerable flexibility and speed to adapt to market variations.

Investor Profile

Patrimonialista, FP is intended for those investors with a conservative/moderate risk profile, seeking to obtain a return regardless of the performance of the financial markets. They will therefore be able to tolerate fluctuations in equity arising from the financial markets volatility. However, given the Fund's objectives (asset protection and performance stability and optimization), the annualized volatility will not be higher than 6% under normal market conditions.


General Information
Category Absolute Return
Risk Profile 4
Managing Company GVC Gaesco Pension, SGFP
Custodian BNP Paribas
Launch Date 04/01/2011
Cod. DGS N4509